Do you have a family member who needs help? Let us help them!

Cardinal Hospice Of South Texas
Committed to Quality of Care

We care about your family

Empathy in every breath, compassion in every moment: our commitment to hospice care.
We guarantee a dignified and quality service. Let’s get started!

Our motivation

We want to give a dignified and quality life to the elderly or people with complicated situations with a dedicated and caring service.

A Few Reasons Why You
Should Choose Cardinal Hospice

We guarantee quality care through dedication to individual patients and their family needs.

Save Time

Our care provides peace for loved ones.

A heart to care for yours

We work with our hearts first. We are human, and we treat our patients with humanity and dignity.


At Cardinal Hospice, our shared dedication ensures the exceptional quality of our care. We strive to ensure your loved one feels warmly nurtured, deeply understood, and truly valued.

No matter where you are, our care can reach you.

Personal Care Home

Loving care in familiar walls. Dignity preserved, every step of the way.

Assisted Living

Maintain independence with gentle support. Comfort meets peace of mind.

Nursing Home

Expert care and a nurturing environment for dignified living in every season of life.

Home Care

Compassionate care within the comfort of home. Preserving dignity at every turn.

Hospital (General Inpatient Care)

Advanced medical care with a focus on comfort, ensuring peace and support during challenging times.